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Understanding Republican Intensity in 2016

By Bill McInturff -- February 11, 2016
In a different blog post, we highlighted the surge in turnout among Republicans in Iowa and New Hampshire. There are a lot of ways in polling to measure intensity, but the one unmistakable way of understanding voter motivation is an actual increase in turnout! Let’s make this easy for our…

Three of the Missing Storylines from Iowa and New Hampshire

By Bill McInturff -- February 11, 2016
There are just some basic things that have really struck me that do not seem to be getting a lot of attention.   The tables below talk about turnout and have an observation about 18 to 29 year old voters.   Wow: The turn-out story so far in IA and NH,…

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump Make Political History. But Not In A Good Way,.

By Glen Bolger -- December 16, 2015
The two Real Clear Politics frontrunners based on the average of the national polls, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have already reached a dubious historical point that no other recent open seat Presidential candidate has done – sky high negatives!

Home Alone

By Lori Weigel -- December 08, 2015
The perennially aired holiday film, Home Alone, features an eight year old whose parents accidentally leave him home from a family Christmas vacation.  The boy manages to go shopping, do laundry and thwart would-be robbers all by himself, with slapstick tricks that delighted my own eight-year old son.   That level…

Swept up in the Presidential Primary Sweepstakes? President Obama still matters.

By Neil Newhouse -- December 03, 2015
Between Donald Trump’s insistence that New Jersey Muslims were celebrating on the rooftops after the 911 tragedy, Ben Carson’s Thanksgiving vacation in Jordan and Hillary Clinton’s post-Thanksgiving announcement (yawn!) of a new $275 million infrastructure proposal, it’s often easy to forget that we still have the incumbent President (Obama) for…

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